Airbnb’s 2024 Summer Release (Part 2)

Listing Highlights and Updates

Airbnb’s Summer Release also features a new Listing Highlights system that recognizes the top-performing listings. Based on comprehensive metrics that assess guest satisfaction and host reliability, standout listings are marked with unique badges, including trophies for the top 1% , 5% and 10% of listings. These distinctions are designed to aid guests in identifying high-quality accommodations and to incentivize hosts to strive for excellence.

Additionally, updates to the Listings tab include more intuitive photo management tools, supported by AI, to help hosts better represent their spaces. These tools allow hosts to reorder photos within their listings and update their photo tours, ensuring that potential guests see the most accurate and appealing visuals.

The enhancements to the Listings tab focus on improving the visual presentation and navigability of listings through the integration of advanced photo management tools. These updates allow hosts to better curate their property photos, offering a more dynamic and engaging virtual tour of their spaces. Key features of this update include:

  • Reordering Listing Photos: Hosts now have the ability to reorder photos directly within their listings. This functionality is crucial for hosts who want to highlight specific features of their property or adjust the visual flow of their listing to better attract potential guests.
  • AI-assisted Photo Tour Updates: The introduction of AI technology assists hosts in updating their photo tours. When new photos are added, AI can intelligently organize these images without altering any previous edits made by the host. This ensures a seamless integration of new visuals, maintaining the aesthetic coherence of the listing.
  • Room and Space Recognition: The AI technology recognizes a wide range of rooms and spaces, which helps in categorizing and organizing photos appropriately. The recognized areas include:
    • Living areas, kitchens, and dining areas
    • Bedrooms, full and half bathrooms
    • Offices and dedicated workspaces
    • Outdoor spaces such as backyards, patios, balconies, front yards, decks, porches, courtyards, gardens, terraces, and rooftops
    • Specialized spaces like laundry areas, garages, gyms, pools, hot tubs
    • Unique rooms such as theme rooms, children’s playrooms, bowling alleys, movie theaters, art studios, music studios, workshops, photography studios, darkrooms, wood shops
    • Additional spaces like event spaces, libraries, game rooms, sunrooms, and wine cellars
  • Flexibility in Photo Arrangement: Hosts can drag and drop photos to rearrange them within a room. This feature provides hosts with the flexibility to showcase their spaces in a way that best represents the layout and amenities of their property. Although the order of rooms in a photo tour cannot be changed, the order of photos within each room can be customized, allowing hosts to emphasize particular features or aspects of a room.
  • Addition and Deletion of Rooms: The update also allows for the addition or removal of rooms or spaces from the listing, giving hosts the ability to adapt their photo tours as their properties evolve. Whether updating a room after a renovation or adding new amenities, hosts can ensure their listings remain up-to-date and accurately reflect the current state of their properties.

Introduction of the Early Access Program

Central to the Summer Release is the launch of the Early Access program, which invites hosts to engage directly with new tools before they are broadly released. This initiative is designed not only to grant hosts a sneak peek at upcoming features but also to gather actionable feedback to inform further development. Enrollment in Early Access is straightforward: hosts can sign up via the Summer Release page on Airbnb’s website or through the app by navigating to the ‘Menu’ and selecting ‘Early Access features’.

It’s important to highlight that once opted in, there is no option to revert to previous versions of these features, underscoring the commitment required when participating in this program.

For hosts who opt not to join Early Access, the new tools will be made available progressively over the subsequent months. Those in the program can provide feedback by accessing the Early Access menu in the app, selecting the specific feature they wish to discuss, and submitting their insights and suggestions.

Barb is the president of NASTRA and has spent her professional career in hospitality and real estate. After acquiring her first short-term rental in 2018, Barb moved her focus to legal advocacy after she sued the city of Nashville over a permit issue. Over the last three years, she has mentored more than 2,800 new STR hosts and is the Community Leader for Airbnb in Nashville, as well as an Airbnb “Ask a Superhost” Ambassador. Barb has appeared on numerous radio broadcasts, television shows, and podcasts to talk about her love of hosting. She also manages and co-hosts a number of short term rentals across Tennessee and Arkansas. Barb and her husband Pat own a hotel brokerage, development and consulting company. Look for her upcoming podcast series, “Women of Airbnb.”

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