Airbnb’s 2024 Summer Release

Airbnb’s latest Summer Release, unveiled on May 4, 2024, brings a slew of advanced features tailored to enhance the experience of its hosts and provide guests with more tools to increase their comfort level with booking a specific listing. This innovative release, characterized by a strong focus on user feedback and technological advancements, emphasizes Airbnb’s dedication to refining and expanding its platform functionalities to better serve its community.

Revamping of the Messages Tab

Recognizing the importance of efficient communication, Airbnb has revamped the Messages tab to handle the over 3 billion messages sent in the past year alone. The redesigned inbox now consolidates all hosting, traveling, and support messages into one streamlined interface. New functionalities include:

  • The ability to filter messages with ease.
  • Group conversations that include every guest involved in a reservation.
  • AI-powered quick replies to streamline response times.
  • Emoji reactions for a more expressive communication experience.
  • An enhanced search functionality to quickly locate specific messages.

Airbnb has also addressed feedback regarding the notification sounds in the Messages tab, adjusting them to ensure they are audible without being disruptive.

Enhancements to the Earnings Dashboard

The Earnings Dashboard has received significant upgrades, with new interactive charts and comprehensive reporting features designed to provide hosts with a granular view of their earnings. These enhancements include:

  • Detailed monthly and yearly views of earnings.
  • The ability to filter earnings by individual listings for targeted insights.
  • Automated generation and easy download of monthly and annual earnings reports in PDF format, which include breakdowns by listing and payment method.

This revamped dashboard is a direct result of host feedback and is aimed at helping hosts better understand and manage their Airbnb income.

Guest Profiles and Verification Enhancements

With security and personal interaction at the core of its service, Airbnb has introduced an updated guest profile requirement. All new guests, as well as those joining a booking, are prompted to provide a comprehensive profile that includes a clearly visible photograph of their face and additional personal details. These enhancements are intended to provide hosts with a clearer understanding of who will be staying, thereby enhancing the trust and safety of the Airbnb community. Furthermore, Airbnb has strengthened its identity verification process, requiring re-verification for any significant changes to a user’s profile, such as a legal name change.

Barb is the president of NASTRA and has spent her professional career in hospitality and real estate. After acquiring her first short-term rental in 2018, Barb moved her focus to legal advocacy after she sued the city of Nashville over a permit issue. Over the last three years, she has mentored more than 2,800 new STR hosts and is the Community Leader for Airbnb in Nashville, as well as an Airbnb “Ask a Superhost” Ambassador. Barb has appeared on numerous radio broadcasts, television shows, and podcasts to talk about her love of hosting. She also manages and co-hosts a number of short term rentals across Tennessee and Arkansas. Barb and her husband Pat own a hotel brokerage, development and consulting company. Look for her upcoming podcast series, “Women of Airbnb.”

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