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  • NASTRA is a not-for-profit 501(C)6 organization that is run entirely by volunteers. This means our email and social media pages are not manned 24/7. NASTRA also does not have a physical office nor manned telephones, and we are therefore unable to take requests for phone calls. We communicate with members primarily thru email, in our private members-only Facebook group, and in-person at our monthly meetings/events. Our members receive the most out of membership when they are engaged in the private Facebook group and attend our events!

  • As a reminder, NASTRA is unable to provide information on specific properties or circumstances to either members or non-members, therefore we are unable to reply to individual messages about such matters. If you are looking for guidance, assistance, or clarity on a specific issue related to your property, permit, or STR eligibility, we suggest you contact the Codes Department or an attorney.

  • If you are trying to reach the NASTRA Board, please do not message individual Board Members via Facebook, email, or phone. If you have a question about your membership or joining the Facebook group, please email and you can typically expect email responses within one business week.