Creation of an OO Zoning Overlay in -NS Zones

Councilmember Freddie O’Connell has introduced yet another new STR bill, BL2020-504, which calls for the creation of an owner-occupied zoning overlay to be used in the new no-STR (-NS) zones.

Presumably this may be added to the Germantown rezone legislation so that while it will exclude non-owner occupied STRs, owner occupieds may still be allowed.

This bill passed first reading on November 5 and is currently scheduled for second reading (public hearing) on December 1.

This is the 36th piece of legislation regarding short-term rentals introduced in Nashville since 2014.

UPDATE 9/21/21:

Per Freddie O’Connell’s newsletter: “I’ll be deferring a bill restricting non-owner-occupied short-term rentals in Germantown as well as a companion overlay while we wait for an alternative to be considered. [BL2020-479, BL2020-504]” It is still reflected on Planning Commission’s agenda for 9/23/21.

Public hearing at Metro Council scheduled for 1/4/2022.

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