Enhance Your Vacation Rental Revenue with These Lucrative Add-Ons

Are you looking to boost revenue from your vacation rental property? Offering enticing add-ons could be the key to not only increasing income but also enhancing guest experiences and garnering positive reviews. Our recent research, conducted as part of the 2023 Travel Trends survey, sheds light on the additional services travelers are willing to pay extra for to elevate their stays.

Here are six lucrative add-ons that can help take your vacation rental business to the next level:

1. Breakfast Delights

According to our survey, half of global travelers (50%) are willing to pay extra for breakfast during their stay. Whether you’re skilled at whipping up a hot breakfast or prefer to provide recommendations for the best local spots, catering to your guests’ morning needs can significantly enhance their experience and satisfaction.

2. Exciting Tours and Activities

Approximately a third (32%) of travelers expressed interest in paying for tours and activities. From hiking trails and city walks to cooking classes and yoga sessions, offering unique experiences can set your rental apart and attract adventurous guests seeking memorable experiences.

3. Relaxation Therapy

Spa services are a hit with over a quarter (28%) of global guests, especially those from regions like South Korea, Colombia, and Japan. Partnering with local spas or therapists to offer massage sessions, manicures, or beauty treatments can provide guests with the ultimate relaxation experience they crave during their vacation.

4. Convenient Shuttle Services

Around 27% of travelers are willing to pay extra for airport shuttle services to and from your rental property. If you offer this amenity, make sure to highlight it in your rental listing. For those who don’t, recommending reliable transportation options can add value to their stay and enhance their overall experience.

5. Parking Peace of Mind

A quarter of guests (25%) are happy to pay extra for safe and convenient parking options during their stay. If you have available parking spaces, make sure to advertise them prominently. Alternatively, providing guidance on nearby parking options can alleviate any concerns your guests may have.

6. Flexible Check-In and Check-Out

Offering late check-outs and early check-ins can significantly raise guest satisfaction levels. Approximately 23% of travelers worldwide appreciate the flexibility, with guests from regions like Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Israel valuing the extra time to relax and settle in comfortably.

Incorporating these thoughtful touches and additional services into your vacation rental offering can not only ensure memorable experiences for your guests but also pave the way for repeat business, stellar reviews, and increased revenue.

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