How Airbnb Hosts Support Small Businesses and Restaurants in Your Neighborhood

Small businesses are the backbone of vibrant communities, and Airbnb hosts play a key role in their success. Here’s how:

Hosts Recommend Local Gems:

  • 87% of global hosts recommend restaurants to their guests, ensuring an authentic experience and supporting local businesses.
  • Hosts themselves are often small business owners, taking pride in sharing their favorite local spots.

Guests Spend Big Locally:

  • Guests staying at Airbnbs spend an average of $50 per day on restaurants, directly supporting local eateries.
  • 40% of a guest’s daily spending happens right in the neighborhood of their Airbnb listing.

Beyond Tourist Traps:

  • Airbnb helps spread tourism beyond traditional hotspots, directing guests to new neighborhoods.
  • In the US, two-thirds of neighborhoods have Airbnbs but no hotels, making hosts the key source of accommodation and tourism drivers.

A Win-Win for Everyone:

  • Hosts ensure guests discover hidden gems, while restaurants benefit from increased foot traffic.
  • This dispersed travel model allows more small businesses to thrive from tourism.

Ready to explore a new city like a local? Find an Airbnb and discover hidden gems recommended by your host!

Want to learn more about the positive impact of Airbnb on small businesses? Read the full article for additional data and insights!

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