How to Hire The Best Property Manager

Are you feeling burnt out? Are you tired of dealing with guests and late-night calls? Need help to realize the full potential of your investment? There are many reasons why hiring a property manager could be beneficial. Although I firmly believe that anyone is capable of managing their own short-term rental, there are countless reasons why you may be better off with a short-term rental property manager.

Making sure you get the right one is a challenging task, though. There are plenty of great, ok, and downright bad or even illegal managers who are all interested in your business. At the time of this writing, there are 47 licensed short-term rental property managers in Nashville, five new managers with licenses waiting to be approved, and countless other property managers or “co-hosts” who are not licensed with the state.

So, how do you choose the manager that is right for you? While I suggest you take your time to do all the due diligence, here are three simple questions to ask every manager before hiring them. Their response will give you a good indication of if they are the right fit for you.

  • When did you first get your Vacation Lodging Service license? 
  • How many employees do you have, and what are their roles? If there are no employees, what vendors do you use?
  • How many properties do you currently manage, and what is their average rating on Airbnb? How many did you manage six months ago, a year ago, etc? 

It’s always important to keep in mind that no manager is perfect. All managers will have their strengths and weaknesses. A good exercise is to take note of what is most important to you as a property owner and pick a manager who shares a similar belief in what is most important, but be wary of the over-promise. 

Are you still feeling unsure? Connect with me and we can match you for free. I have a list of fully vetted, licensed, local, top-tier managers I can match you with based on your goals and priorities. 

Article written by: Andrew Jacoby of Hostpitality Consulting LLC

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