Judge Reviews if Nashville Disregarded Court Order

Over the last few months, you have likely seen that the Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County has revoked nearly 150 Owner Occupied Short Term Rental permits due to a change in interpretation of the law (which they now claim was simply a mistake). Following those revocation notices, more than 45 home owners have filed lawsuits. 

For those who filed lawsuits, there was a court ordered agreement that allowed those owners to continue to rent and advertise their homes during the legal proceedings. Despite the judge’s order, on February 15th, the city sent those owners a SECOND revocation notice threatening “prosecution in environmental court.” 

For this reason, local attorneys Jamie Hollin and Grover Collins filed petitions for a civil contempt of court against the city of Nashville for violating the court order. That ruling is pending a judge’s review (see links to articles below). 

The Nashville Area Short Term Rental Association has always been an advocate for operating within the law, even if we do not agree with those laws. The city regards any mistake homeowners make as unacceptable and holds the owners accountable with court appearances, fines, and, in many instances, the termination of their ability to temporarily or permanently rent their homes. In fact, just this week, news broke of a local home owner being sentenced to jail time for not obeying the city’s short term rental laws. 

Meanwhile, in this one instance alone, the city has admittedly made mistake after mistake, yet continues to ask that they not be held accountable for them. The city should be held to the same standard they hold homeowners to. If the city has ignored a court order, they should absolutely be held accountable.


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