Last year, Airbnb guests traveled to more cities than ever before

Remember that feeling of being cooped up and yearning to explore? Well, in 2023, wanderlust finally broke free on Airbnb! Fueled by our incredible network of over 5 million hosts around the globe, guests embarked on a record-breaking adventure, venturing to a mind-blowing number of destinations – over 100,000 cities and towns scattered across a whopping 200 countries and regions.

Imagine stepping off the beaten path and discovering a hidden gem, a charming small town teeming with local character, instead of the usual crowded tourist hotspots. That’s the magic of Airbnb – unique stays that unlock unforgettable experiences, often at a price tag easier on the wallet. Plus, your travel dollars go further, directly supporting the communities that open their doors to you.

But the magic goes beyond affordability. By encouraging a more dispersed travel style, Airbnb helps local economies and communities that might otherwise miss out on the tourist boom. This creates a win-win situation: visitors get a taste of authentic culture, while residents benefit from a boost in local businesses.

Feeling the itch to explore? We delved into the data to find the most adventurous Airbnb explorers in the US. Turns out, cities like Chicago, Dallas, and Denver take the crown, with their residents venturing to a staggering number of US counties!

Thinking of taking your adventure global? US travelers are setting new records for international exploration too! Nights spent abroad soared by 40% compared to 2019. Cities like Meriden, CT, and Miami Beach, FL are leading the pack when it comes to international escapades.

Curious where your own city explores to? We’ve created a nifty interactive map showcasing the top international destinations that globetrotting Airbnb guests from the 50 most populous US cities are visiting.

The world is a vast and exciting place, and Airbnb is here to be your travel companion. Whether you crave a cozy escape in a hidden village or a vibrant adventure in a bustling city, unique listings and local experiences await. Start planning your next adventure and discover a world waiting to be explored!

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