Nashville Merchants Earned $300 Million from Airbnb Guests in 2017

NASHVILLE – Airbnb released a report today documenting $304 million in total spending by its guests to Nashville small businesses in 2017, including $115 million for the local restaurant industry alone.

The $304 million contributed to Nashville’s merchant community represents a 59% increase from 2016. Airbnb guests to Nashville spend on average $187 a day on top of what they pay for their Airbnb listing, split between food, leisure, shopping, transport and groceries.

Nashville remains home to one of the nation’s strongest performing hotel markets, achieving continually record revenue numbers. The expanded lodging capacity afforded by short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb has allowed more people to responsibly and authentically experience Nashville and infuse additional spending for the local merchant community — particularly during peak weekends where hotels sell out.

Additionally, Airbnb announced the most host-recommended small businesses in Nashville. This is based on Airbnb’s “Nashville Guidebooks” feature, which allows hosts to provide tailored recommendations to guests of their favorite neighborhood establishments. The results are included in the report and broken down by most recommended restaurant, traditional bar, country bar, cafe, bakery, brewery and market. 

The report is available below in full:

Nashville: Airbnb Guest Economic Impact

Airbnb hosts in Nashville have been welcoming guests into their homes over the past nine years. Hosts have formed a vibrant community, sharing unique experiences with travelers from around the world. The following document shows Airbnb’s impact on the city’s merchant community. It combines proprietary data with the results of a survey sent to guests who experienced Nashville through Airbnb. The following page captures the Airbnb community in Nashville between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. 

Airbnb and Responsible Tourism

Total inbound guests, staying on average 2.8 nights

$304 million
Estimated total spending by Airbnb guests with Nashville merchants community

$115 million
Estimated total spending by Airbnb guests at restaurants in Nashville

Breakdown of Airbnb Guest Spending

The average Airbnb guest in the Nashville area spends $187 per day


Most Recommended Nashville Merchants by Hosts to Guests

  • Restaurant: The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden
  • Traditional Bar: Crow Bar
  • Country Bar: Robert’s Western World
  • Cafe: Marché Artisan Foods
  • Bakery: Sweet 16th Bakery
  • Brewery: Yazoo Brewing Company
  • Market: Nashville Farmers Market

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More Graphics on the Economic Impact for Nashville:

  • Generated more then $477 Million economic impact in 2015 for Nashville
  • “Provided $152 million in wages and benefits”
  • Produced 5407 permanent jobs
  • “AirBnB guests spend 2X as much in the local economy as other visitors.”
  • “50% of AirBnB guests spend directly in the local neighborhoods where they are staying.”
  • “50% of AirBnB owners say they would be unable to afford their home without homesharing”
  • “55% of AirBnB owners use rental income to pay for their mortgage, bills and groceries.”
  • “70% of HomeAway owners are able to cover at least half their mortgage with homesharing.”
  • “70% of HomeAway owners are able to renovate or upgrade their homes by using homesharing income.”
  • “21% of HomeAway owners use rental income to pay for their child’s education.”

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