Nashville Runoff Election: Everything You Need to Know

Well, Nashville, we need to vote yet again.

In the August 1st General Election, many races were unable to be decided as candidates did not receive the required percentage of votes.

  • To win the mayoral race, a candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes.
  • To be elected to a Metro Council At-Large seat, a candidate must receive more than 10% of the votes.
  • To be elected as a district council member, a candidate needs more than 50% of the votes.

So we’re headed to a Runoff Election. Again. With so many elections here in the past couple years, voter burnout is real. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take action and let your voice be heard in choosing our local leaders.

Here’s everything you need to know:


John Cooper earned 35.01% of the votes and David Briley earned 25.30%. In the Runoff Election, you need to choose between the two candidates. Whomever earns more than 50% of the votes will be our new mayor.


Jim Shulman was the clear winner in the General Election, with 80.45% of the vote. No Runoff required.


There are 5 Metro Council At-Large positions. Only current At-Large Councilman Bob Mendes secured the minimum 10% of the vote necessary to win outright (he had 10.92%), leaving 4 seats still to be determined in the Runoff Election. The remaining 4 seats will be decided in a runoff of the top 8 candidates, as follows (including the percent of the vote they received in the General Election):

  • Zulfat Suara (9.30%)
  • Current Councilwoman Sharon Hurt (9.24%)
  • Current Councilwoman Sheri Weiner (9.19%)
  • Current Councilwoman Burkley Allen (8.95%)
  • Current Councilman Fabian Bedne (7.28%)
  • Howard Jones (7.24%)
  • Current Councilman Steve Glover (6.96%)
  • Gary Moore (6.07%)

In the Runoff, you will need to select 4 At-Large council members out of that list of 8.


Of the Metro Council’s 35 district seats, 8 districts are still undecided and heading to the Runoff Election. If you live in one of these undecided districts, you will need to vote again for your council member. The districts and candidates are as follows (including the percent of the vote they received in the General Election):

  • District 2: Councilman DeCosta Hastings (38.71%) and Kyonzté Toombs (30.79%)
  • District 7: Emily Benedict (40.28%) and Clint Camp (11.99%)
  • District 13: Russ Bradford (44.34%) and Andrew Dixon (40.66%)
  • District 16: Ginny Welsch (41.18%) and Tony Tenpenny (37.27%)
  • District 21: Councilman Ed Kindall (35.82%) and Brandon Taylor (33.19%)
  • District 23: Councilwoman Mina Johnson (46.82%) and Thom Druffel (43.90%)
  • District 26: Courtney Johnston (40.55%) and Councilman Jeremy Elrod (36.27%)
  • District 30: Sanda Sepulveda (40.69%) and Sherry Jones (38.03%)

If you are unsure which District you’re in, enter your address under Council District Lookup in the right sidebar on this page »


Early voting for the Runoff Election is August 23 through September 7, 2019. Runoff Election Day is September 12, 2019.

Details on polling locations and times can be found here »


While NASTRA does not officially endorse any candidates, those we know who have not supported anti-short-term-rental legislation in the past are:

  • Sharon Hurt  
  • Sheri Weiner 
  • Steve Glover 


The Equity Alliance has created a free, nonpartisan, public resource to help you make an informed decision at the polls. Since they launched it in advance of the General Election, it includes details of all candidates, including those who are not in the Runoff. Make note of the candidates outlined above as the ones to focus on for the Runoff Election.


“Decisions are made by those who show up.”

So educate yourself, spread the word, and go vote!

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