NASTRA’s Statement on the Passage of BL2017-608

As an organization, we are devastated by the passage of BL2017-608. This bill is far from a compromise and just pulled the rug out from under law-abiding STRP owners. Not only will this hurt STRP owners, it will hurt our local businesses, our tourism, and, overall, it will hurt Nashville. The very definition of a ban is to “prohibit, especially by legal means” and 608 bans non-owner occupied STRPs (formerly known as type 2 and 3) in residential zones. Further concerning is that 608 has often been referred to as a “starter bill”. There are already comments being made by Councilman Brett Withers that prove the city has no intention of stopping here. He is already introducing new zones (RM) to address next. Where will this end?

The city just proved that they are willing to hurt law abiding property owners but given the lack of enforcement to date, do nothing to those that disregard the law. As we have seen in the some of the cities referenced tonight who also banned short term rentals, we fear this will only drive more people under ground. 

This is certainly not the outcome we had hoped for but our hope is not gone and we will continue to fight for our rights as property owners.

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