Bill BL2019-1633 Passes

Bill BL2019-1633 (the RM bill) has passed on third reading at Metro Council. Prior to passage, an amendment sponsored by Council Members Henderson, Hagar, and Johnson, was adopted. The amendment removed the language from the bill which would have allowed two transfers of ownership for RM permits.

The new bill, which passed on third reading tonight, now:

  • Addresses language to comply with the Tennessee Short Term Rental Unit Act.

  • Bans new non-owner occupied permits in RM zone, effective January 2022.

  • Grandfathers in existing RM permit holders as long as they continue to own the property and keep their permit active.

  • Allows for no (zero) transfers of ownership for permits.

  • Addresses the owner-occupied HPR situation that came up earlier this year, allowing those who had been issued OO permits for their HPR property to have the permits reinstated if they meet certain criteria.

    • It does not allow new permits to be obtained for owner-occupied HPRs if the owners don’t own both sides. Those who own both sides of an HPR should be able to continue to get a permit if they occupy one side and STR the other.

Alece Ronzino