Owner Occupied Permit Revocations

For years, the city said they only wanted to stop “investor owned” short term rentals. The laws kept changing, kept getting tighter, and then little by little they’ve snuck in things that impact owner occupied rentals, too. Today, the Tennesseean has reported, with official statements by Codes, that Codes will be revoking 100+ and possibly “hundreds” of owner occupied permits. These permits are clearly protected by the state law but the city is ignoring the law — and now the only option owners will be left with is to hire an attorney to prove their rights.

If you’ve been afraid to get involved, or never thought this would impact you, I assure you there will come a time this will affect you. Let’s support each other in this. Please join our organization, please get involved in contacting your representatives, please make your voice heard.

If you’re impacted… first of all, we are so sorry. If you need direction, please contact us.

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