Safe & Responsible Hosting

On the heels of Airbnb’s announcement that they’re aiming to ban party homes and fraudulent listings, we wanted to put out a reminder that we all share in the responsibility of keeping our neighborhoods and homes free from noise, nuisance, and party issues. NASTRA and its members are committed to safe and responsible renting.

Though extremely rare (see a review of the data in our What’s in the Numbers series), we acknowledge that, unfortunately, there are some bad actors and limited instances where issues arise with guest stays.

The core of NASTRA’s mission has been and will continue to be educating local hosts on ways to ensure safety and quality experiences in Nashville homesharing for the neighborhoods, homes, hosts, and guests we serve.

While we commend the further efforts Airbnb is taking to banish party homes and fraudulent host profiles, there are many actions that local hosts have already been taking for years to prevent these issues. These include:

  • Handling reservation requests made by locals by not accepting them or by providing more rigorous screening
  • Activating settings that force guests to send an inquiry (rather than being able to make an instant booking) for last-minute and one-night reservations
  • Having strict house rules that address parties and noise (keeping in mind that Nashville laws dictate quiet hours)
  • Utilizing noise- and/or party-monitoring devices to catch issues before they start
  • Utilizing exterior security/video surveillance (and disclosing this in the listing)
  • Reporting suspicious inquiries and bookings to the listing sites when they happen (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc) and to NASTRA
  • Ensuring neighbors have your contact information in the rare event things escalate

As a reminder, if you are concerned about a short term rental that is violating local laws or ordinances, you should contact the host and/or submit a report to the dedicated hotline (more information on the Codes Department website). Keep in mind that this hotline is meant for legitimate violations/concerns only, evidence is always helpful for the Codes Department to investigate and enforce, and reporting a false complaint is perjury.

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