The Path to Purchase: Uncovering how travelers plan and book online

Embark on a journey through the traveler’s world as we decode the path to purchase. Based on Luth Research’s dive into U.S. traveler data, discover fascinating insights that can transform your hosting experience.


1. The Art of Planning:
U.S. travelers spend a month mulling over their trips, with 40 days of meticulous planning—booking just over two months before the adventure.

2. Open to Inspiration:
Surprisingly, 55% of travelers embark without a set destination, leaving room for spontaneous inspiration.

3. Digital Exploration:
Delve into the digital landscape, where OTAs (79%), social media (75%), search engines (65%), and more shape travelers’ decisions.

4. Content Dive:
U.S. travelers devour 277 pages and 524 minutes of travel content, surpassing the average—a golden opportunity to capture their attention.

5. Decision-Making Factors:
Explore the factors steering decisions—best prices (54%), easy-to-use websites (44%), positive experiences (33%), and more.

6. Loyalty Connection:
With 66% loyalty members, U.S. travelers value beautiful imagery and early advertising notices, offering a chance to forge lasting connections.

Business Strategies:

  • Capture Attention Creatively: Stand out in the crowd by crafting engaging content that resonates with the avid content consumers—U.S. travelers.
  • Leverage Loyalty: Embrace loyalty desires; promote benefits and exclusive discounts to build enduring connections with your guests.
  • Be Everywhere: Recognize diverse resources. An omnipresent approach, paired with strategic partnerships, amplifies your reach.
  • OTAs: More Than Bookings: Highlighting OTAs as more than booking platforms, they become integral guides in inspiring, planning, and researching, supporting travelers throughout their journey.

Embark on this insightful journey with travelers and explore the full file here. Let these insights shape your hosting experience in the dynamic world of wanderlust. 🌍✈️

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