Update: New York City’s Short-Term Rental Rules

Four months have passed since the implementation of New York City’s stringent short-term rental regulations, yet the rental landscape remains largely unchanged. Here’s what recent analysis reveals:

  • Stable Rental Prices, Tight Inventory: Despite expectations of a rental market shift, rental prices saw only a modest increase of 2.3% in December, with available rental inventory experiencing a slight decline of 6.3% since August. This suggests that the loss of short-term rental listings has not led to a significant increase in rental affordability or availability.
  • Limited Housing Growth: Contrary to assumptions, there has been minimal growth in the number of homes available for sale since September. The net increase in for-sale inventory in December was smaller than in the preceding months, indicating a persistent shortage of housing options in the city.
  • Rising Hotel Prices, Underground Market: Alongside these findings, the city has witnessed a notable surge in hotel prices, with rates escalating by nearly 20% over the holiday season. Additionally, there are reports of short-term rental activity shifting to unregulated platforms, evading the city’s regulatory oversight.

These developments underscore the complex dynamics at play in New York City’s rental market.

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